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The carpentry industry is big business—and a dangerous one. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, there were more fatal work injuries in the construction sector than any other industry sector. Are you one of the approximately 1 million individuals working as a professional carpenter? If so, the Law Office of Yancy Belcher wants to educate you on the most common injuries you might experience on the job as a carpenter.

Get the facts on carpentry

Carpenters are skilled trade professionals who, most of the time, will work on timber framing. This is also the most common type of residential construction in the United States. Thanks to advances in tools and equipment, carpenters build both residential and commercial properties much more quickly than they used to in the past. Pneumatic nail guns, for example, mean work happens more quickly and at a lower cost because nail guns take half the time to use compared to a hammer, and nails are cheaper than screws. This increased speed has also placed more pressure on carpenters to work quickly to keep costs low in an increasingly competitive industry.

The Most Common Carpentry Injuries

Between the numerous power tools and the demands on carpenters to work fast, it is easy to see how accidents happen.

The most commonplace injuries in the industry include:

  • Hands and Fingers – Using power tools all day, every day, eventually is going to lead to accidents—often involving the hands and fingers. This may include bruises, crush injuries, lacerations, and even amputations. Plus, repeated use of hand tools can lead to grip-related ailments.
  • Overuse – Construction work is hard on the body. This repeated heavy lifting on a daily basis adds up and can lead to injuries affecting the back, shoulders, and elbows.
  • Knees – Carpenters work on their knees at ground level or climbing structures and risk injuring their knees over long-term abuse or accidents. Bursitis, a condition that affects the small, fluid-filled sacs near major joints like the knee, has been known to prematurely end many carpentry careers.
  • Eyes – The amount of debris that flies around when the wood is being sawed and nailed together means that carpenters’ eyes always are at risk. They need to keep their eyes covered at all times to avoid being hit by these objects.

Representing Injured Carpenters in Nashville

Even the most well-trained and experienced carpenter can suffer an accident involving injury while on the job. If you’ve been injured while working as a carpenter, make sure you obtain the services of a professional and experienced personal injury lawyer in Nashville like Yancy Belcher to represent you and your interests. You don’t have to go without a paycheck because an accident happened to you. We can help. Injuries are complicated because you have to calculate the expenses you are currently paying for it, the losses of work and compensation, and have a professional help you get those claims. Schedule your free consultation today by calling our office at (615) 773-2889.

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