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Choosing to send your elderly loved one to a nursing home is not an easy decision. It can take a toll on the entire family, from worrying about the financial aspect to hoping that you can find the best long-term healthcare facility that you can trust. Unfortunately, you’ve probably heard about the failing nursing homes in Tennessee. Additionally, reports reveal that there are more than 400 underperforming nursing homes throughout the country as of 2019. However, Yancy Belcher, an elder law attorney in Mt. Juliet, wants to help you choose a reputable nursing home for your loved one.

 What are the caregivers and staff like?

First, you’ll want to find out about the caregivers. What are they like? What was your first impression? Not only will you want to find out their qualifications, but observe how they interact with current residents and other nursing home staff members. It might also be helpful to arrange to speak with some of them and ask them questions about how they like working at the facility and what they like most about their job.

Is the food good and nutritious?

You want your love done to be taken care of and stay as healthy as possible, which means ensuring they eat well. Check out the facility’s daily menu, and ask about food options and how meals are prepared. Ensure the nursing home you’re considering offers various healthy food options like fresh fruits and veggies, freshly prepared meat. Reheated frozen or processed foods aren’t healthy food options. If your loved one has special dietary restrictions, be sure to ask if the facility can accommodate those needs and get it in writing so that you have proof of their commitment.

What activities are planned for the residents?

It’s essential for nursing home residents to engage with others and remain as active as possible, given their various health conditions. Find out what activities are available for residents. Common activities may involve group games, outside entertainment, and arts and crafts. Sometimes, facilities may take residents off-site for special engagements, health permitting. Be sure you understand what to expect in terms of regular activities, especially since COVID may restrict usual activities.

Is the facility clean and safe?

This may seem like a given, but it can be deceiving. Ask about the facility’s cleaning protocol, especially in the time of COVID-19. Additionally, find out about safety protocols, how they keep residents safe, and what the plans are in the event of an emergency.

What other amenities does the facility offer?

Some nursing homes offer additional amenities like on-site salon services. Ask about other amenities that may or may not be included in what you will pay each month.

What does your gut tell you?

People can seem nice when you meet them, the daily menu might sound pretty good, and it may seem like the facility has it all together, but most importantly, what does your gut tell you? What was your first impression? We’re all wired to have intuition, and no matter what you see on paper or who people act when you meet them on an official tour, listen to your gut instincts before on which nursing home to send your loved one.

Elder Law Attorney in Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, and Nashville

Most people starting this journey have never dealt with it before, and choosing a nursing home can be nerve-racking. You can do a ton of research and take many tours, yet still not feel confident whether you’ve covered your basis. Follow our tips today to help you decide on finding the best facility for your aging loved one. For more information about elder law or if your loved one has suffered abuse while under the care of a long-term healthcare facility in Tennessee, please get in touch with an attorney that you can trust, Yancy Belcher, by calling (615) 773-2889.

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