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Some situations can be challenging to navigate in life, especially when it involves your children. Parents who get a divorce worry about not spending enough time with their children, and then the children must adjust to their parents not living under the same roof, worry about where they stand in confusion. Unfortunately, when two parents cannot decide or make child custody arrangements, the disagreement is heard before the court, and the presiding judge will make the final decision. The child custody lawyer in the Nashville area, including Hermitage and Mt. Juliet, TN from The Law Office of Yancy Belcher, shares four tips to help you gear up for your child custody case so that you get prepared to present your side to the judge.

How do courts decide child custody?

According to our child custody attorney in Nashville, Yancy Belcher, most family court judges base their decision on the best living environment for the children and not necessarily the parent’s requests. In addition to contemplating the child’s environment, the judge will also consider your children’s age, gender, medical history or problems, and the proximity of the parent’s home to additional family members.  In most child custody cases, the children’s physical custody goes to one parent, while the other parent has visitation rights. However, both parents maintain legal joint legal custody. If your child is 12 years old or older, the judge may request to know your child’s preference about where they would like to live.

How should I prepare for a child custody case?

The meaning of “in the best interest of the children” may mean various things to different people. Therefore, you must prepare for the child custody hearing to end up with the best possible scenario for everyone involved. Often, parents who engage with their children’s lives and encourage involvement with the other parent get shown favoritism. Below are four tips to help you prepare for your child custody hearing.

  1. Proper Home Environment

A proper home environment is a crucial element in the decision about where your children may live. An appropriate lifestyle combined with a clean and safe space proves you can appropriately care for your children. Also, you should monitor and maintain mental, physical, and emotional health so that you can continue to care for the children and promote a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Keep Proper Documentation

A document may be the key to a critical aspect of your child custody case. Place documentation that relates to your child custody case in one location of your home so that you know where to access it when needed. Consider maintaining a log of the custody process with notes highlighting your continuous effort to improve your parenting skills and facilitate interactions between family members and the children. You may also choose to keep notes of times the other parent showed themselves unfit for child custody. The documentation used in the case should be stored and organized.

  1. Enlisting Therapist Services

Your child’s well-being is the case’s vital component and should be the top priority. Providing your child a counselor can help them work through the emotions and thoughts about the custody process. Counselors may not make custody recommendations, but they can give testimony of what your children need for a balanced lifestyle.

  1. Assistance from a Child Custody Attorney

During a contested child custody dispute, each parent should seek their child custody lawyer for the proceedings. Not all divorce attorneys in Nashville have knowledge or experience in family law or child custody cases. Therefore, hire an experienced child custody attorney like Yancy Belcher for representation and direction in your child custody case.

Child Custody in the Nashville area, including Hermitage and Mt. Juliet, TN

Child custody cases can seem overwhelming and challenging when your precious children get involved in the process. If you need assistance with your child custody case in the Nashville area, including Hermitage and Mt. Juliet, TN, please contact the Law Office of Yancy Belcher at (615) 773-2889 to schedule your appointment today!

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