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Life can sometimes involve unexpected situations, and you do your best to protect your family when those things happen. A crucial part of protecting your family if something happens to you is to have a last will and testament. That way, if you pass away, you can rest assured that your family is taken care of and your assets are distributed according to your wishes. On the blog today, the Law Office of Yancy Belcher, a Mt. Juliet attorney that does wills, shares five reasons to get a will now before the unexpected happens and you run out of time.

  1. Pass on your belongings to those you love

Your last will explains what you would like to happen with your valuables and personal belongings after your death. Without a will, the state decides how and to whom they will distribute your property as they wish, called intestate succession. Therefore, consider including items such as a baseball card collection, jewelry, or other valuables you wish to pass down to your loved ones. Additionally, your will can exclude any individual from inheriting an estate portion you don’t want them to receive.

  1. Provide instructions for your children’s care

Our Mt. Juliet estate planners highly recommend that every parent institute a will to protect their children after they pass. Safeguarding your children can be as simple as outlining who becomes their legal guardian until they turn 18 years old. Failing to provide instructions allows the court to choose a caretaker, which may not be the person you would prefer for the role. Additionally, speaking to the person you choose about your decision before completing the will is vital. It allows them a chance to accept or decline the responsibility of raising your children.

  1. Give an asset portion to charity

Within your will, you can designate which estate portions get donated to specified charities. Therefore, if you believe in your church’s work, are a human rights activist, or want to help a charity organization in your city, you can still make an impact on others with your last will. Our estate planning lawyer in Hermitage can guarantee your work continues by ensuring your will reflects your desires.

  1. Avoid complications and processing delays

When someone passes, no matter the reason, navigating life afterward can be stressful. Without a will, your family members could encounter complications and process issues that require precious time and energy to resolve. Your will gets submitted to the probate court upon your passing. Our Nashville estate planning attorney recommends designating an executor to carry out your will, or the state appoints one. Your will ensures your beneficiaries receive your legacy quickly and without delays.

  1. A will agent or executor can help execute your last wishes

Life is full of practical aspects that need attention and closure upon your death. The executor can present your wishes when necessary, from handling credit cards, bills, and bank accounts to your social media accounts and online presence. Family photos, music libraries, or family films are irreplaceable memories that your executor can also ensure your loved ones receive according to your directions.

Wills in the Nashville area including Hermitage and Mt. Juliet, TN

Preparing in advance for the unexpected can help you, or others, get through the process. Your will is an opportunity to speak your voice once last time about your children and belongings. Without a will, everything could become scattered in the wind with no claim to it. The best time to get a will from an estate lawyer in the Nashville area is now. That way, when the time comes, your family is prepared. Feel free to contact the Law Office of Yancy Belcher by calling (615) 773-2889 or contact us online and schedule a consultation for your estate planning needs.


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