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For some, the hallmark day of love, Valentine’s Day, is not a big deal. But if you’ve always looked forward to celebrating this day, it might be a difficult day for you this year if you’re single or divorced. In some cases, Valentine’s Day just conjures up regret, remorse, and feelings of loneliness if you’re newly divorced. Today on the blog, divorce attorney in Mt. Juliet, Yancy Belcher, shares tips on surviving Valentine’s day after divorce. Whether you’re planning to spend the day alone or with friends, we can help you get through the day without feeling so blue.

Check Your Mind

The worst thing that you can do is to surround yourself with all things Valentine’s Day related. Avoid that aisle at the store. Change the channel when sappy love movies come on TV. If you find yourself feeling lonely and bitter at the sights of Valentine’s Day chocolates, gifts, and décor, then avoid plopping yourself on the couch for a Hallmark movie marathon. Instead of sulking, channel that energy into doing something positive, like redecorating a room in your house, working out, or starting a new hobby.

Gift Yourself Some Self Care

If you don’t have a significant other to give a gift to, then gift yourself something nice. Consider treating yourself to some self-care, like a trip to the salon, a massage, or something else that is out of the ordinary. Maybe you love to read, so you could spend the afternoon in your local book store or order some good reads online that you can divulge in and mentally escape the day.

Call on Friends or Family

No plans? Avoid staying at home by yourself, and instead, call on a close friend or family member to spend the day with you. During the world of COVID-19 and social distancing, it may not be easy to gather in public. You could have a friend over, cook dinner together, have a game night, or just watch a non-love story movie together. It might be the best time to watch that top-rated action movie that you’ve wanted to see. The idea is that you don’t spend the day alone, especially if it makes you feel sad and lonely.

Focus on Your Kids

If you’ve got kids, make the day about them. Plan some special activities or a tasty menu that you all can enjoy. Consider buying them something special, if your budget allows. If you’re tight on money, consider having a family game or movie night, bake a dessert, or get some exercise together by going outside to hike, ride a bike, or other outdoor activities that your family enjoys.

Stay Off Facebook

Social media is one of the worst things to spend your time on if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. It’s best to avoid logging into your Facebook or other social media account. If you do, be prepared to be bombarded with posts from your friends and family that showcase their beautiful flowers, thoughtful gift, or date with their Valentine.

Do Something Fun

Valentine’s Day ideas during a pandemic don’t have to be boring. Plan something fun for the day. Visit a local museum, zoo, or outdoor event that is happening in your area. The pandemic has put a damper on many indoor activities. However, there is still a lot of fun stuff to do in Nashville during a pandemic, like tour a distillery, take a guided tour around downtown, go on a mural walk, or check out local hotel art. Many of these activities are low-cost or free. And, it could be a chance for you to enjoy something local that you’ve never had time to do before. Some of these activities could even be fun to do with your kids or a close friend.

Remember Why You Got Divorced

Whenever you’re feeling lonely or sad about being single, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, remember why you got divorced in the first place. Usually, that’s enough to make your emotions to a 180 and forget about feeling sorry for yourself that you’re single on a national holiday of love. It wouldn’t hurt if you pondered all that you do have in life, whether that be a beautiful home, health, your career, and loving family and friends.

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