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Drivers should naturally expect to get into an auto accident at least once in their lifetime. After an accident, ensuring that the drivers and passengers are safe is the number one concern, of course. But, then, assessing the damage to your vehicle and self-assessing personal injuries can add stress and disappointment. Finally, you may mentally replay the incident to try and determine who is at fault. Although most accidents are clear to who is at fault, many are more complicated. Therefore, our Nashville area auto accident lawyer at the Law Office of Yancy Belcher shares on the blog today how fault gets determined in an auto accident.

What is a “Fault State?”

Tennessee is a “fault state,” meaning if you are in an accident within the state lines and the other driver is at fault, you may be eligible for damages from them and their insurance company when you file a personal injury lawsuit. Compensation may include medical expenses and reimbursement for damaged property.

Police Report

A law enforcement officer submits an official accident report, which is more reliable than an accident participant’s testimony. Insurance companies rely heavily on this auto accident report from the police when determining who’s at fault for the accident. Our Hermitage auto accident attorney explains that because the police report weighs heavily in compensation decisions, it’s always necessary to contact local law enforcement when you experience an accident, even when no one has injuries.

Gather Evidence

Once an accident occurs, immediately contact local authorities. Then, while waiting for them to arrive, take photos of the accident scene, including any injuries if possible. Accident scene pictures should include vehicle location and position and any damage. Finally, speak with uninvolved witnesses to gather information, including photos, videos, or dashcam footage.

Do Not Admit Fault

Immediately apologizing to the other driver, police, or property owner is highly discouraged. Determining fault is the job of local law authorities. Therefore, avoid admitting fault when getting into an accident, even if another driver or passenger gets injured or their vehicle sustains more damage than others.

What happens if I’m at fault for an accident?

Our auto accident attorneys in the Nashville area understand that accidents happen, and drivers may incorrectly or unjustly receive fault. Regardless, receiving blame for an accident can impose negative consequences for the driver. First, you may notice that your insurance rates increase when you receive the monthly statement following the accident. In the most severe cases of damage and injuries, some drivers may lose their insurance coverage altogether. Second, the faulted driver will receive a traffic citation and add points to their driving record. Finally, it could lead to a permanent revoke of your driver’s license for life in some cases.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Nashville area including Hermitage and Mt. Juliet, TN

From worrying about personal injuries and medical expenses to stressing over daily transportation needs, getting into a car accident can be stressful and confusing for all involved parties. Typically, determining fault is an easy process. However, since people aren’t perfect, mistakes can happen, and legal challenges may arise that require legal guidance. Therefore, contact our Mt. Juliet auto accident lawyer at the Law Office of Yancy Belcher for assistance in your case. Feel free to call our office at (615) 773-2889 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and have our lawyers review your case details.

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