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During the holiday season, there is more traffic on the roadways due to additional shopping and people traveling to visit relatives. With the increased number of vehicles on the road, it is critical that you maintain your focus on driving while avoiding unnecessary distractions. By following safe driving habits such as driving sober, obeying the posted speed limits, and remaining calm, you can reduce your risk of getting into an accident this holiday season.

Although remaining calm is not typically viewed as a necessary aspect of safe driving, your emotional state can alter your behavior and the decisions you make while behind the wheel of a car. No matter the emotion you are feeling, stress, anger, or panic, these emotions could affect your reaction time, your judgment, and your ability to drive safely. Although keeping your mind clear and your emotions in check can be a difficult task, it is often easier said than done. Below are six tips to stay calm while driving during the holidays.

  1. Avoid Other Emotional Drivers

It is easy to see aggressive drivers anywhere, but they are more likely to be seen when the traffic flow is heavier such as during rush hour. Some determining factors of an aggressive driver are speeding, lane splitting, blocking lanes, tailgating, and passing where prohibited. When you encounter a driver who is doing these activities, it is best to avoid them if possible and do not respond to anything they do.

  1. Choose Alternate Routes to Avoid Heavy Traffic

When the interstate looks like a parking lot with bumper to bumper traffic, emotions can quickly escalate. The high level of stress induced by traffic jams is linked to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, which is common in drivers who frequently encounter stressful traffic situations. Choosing an alternate route to work or school can help ease your mind and keep you focused on the road.

  1. Prepare For Unexpected Events

Driving to work each day can cause you to fall into a routine and let down your guard. When you get too comfortable in your route, you may not see or be prepared for negligent behaviors of other drivers, and that increases the risk of accidents. Preparing for the worst and driving with a defensive mindset can help you safely arrive at your destination.

  1. Leave With Time to Spare

Often when running late, your stress level has already increased. Also, when you are behind schedule, it probably seems like you always end up in the slow lane, and every driver in the city is trying to keep you from arriving at your destination on time, causing additional stress. When you leave with time to spare, even the heaviest traffic and traffic jams are more manageable. By providing yourself a time cushion, you can reduce your stress level and therefore reduce the risk of accidents from poor judgment.

  1. Maintain Your Vehicle Inside and Out

With the uncertainty of knowing your vehicle can handle sitting in traffic or commuting at high-speed, it can be stressful when driving. You can lower your stress level with routine maintenance on your vehicle to ensure it is in proper working order. Also, keeping the interior of your vehicle clean and clutter-free can reduce the distraction of items shifting in your car as you brake or turn.

  1. Prepare for Emergencies

When disaster strikes, panic typically ensues unless you are prepared for emergency situations. Planning your next step after encountering inclement weather, an accident, or a vehicle breakdown can help you remain in control. Before hitting the road for the holidays, save relevant numbers on your phone, such as your insurance company and tow truck providers. In addition, stock your vehicle with an emergency kit so you can be prepared when disaster strikes.

Personal Injury Attorney in Nashville, Mt. Juliet, and Hermitage

Holiday travel can seem more stressful than commuting to work every day. However, with careful planning and following these tips, you will reduce the risk of getting into an accident. In the event that you need an experienced personal injury attorney in Nashville, feel free to contact the Law Office of Yancy Belcher at (615) 773-2889. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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